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Toshie Kusumoto


Photographer. Born in Beppu in Japan , lives  in Kyoto. Graduated Doshisha University , Tokyo college of photography .

Started taking snapshots in Tokyo in the 1990’s and took  portraits of musicians for music magazines. Moved the main base to Kyoto in 2005.

In 2009, renovated an old warehouse with friends to open a gallery and held exhibition in her hometown of Beppu. Participated in "Mixed bathing world” ,a contemporary international art festival held in Beppu and took publicity photos for  the festival.

In Kyoto, documented the ALS* patient , Mr. Koutani and supporting his movement from hospital to community. Took photographs of dance communication workshop held by dancers for the disabled. She interests in places where various bodies cross. Attended an artist-in-residence program at Nishinari, Osaka ,the day worker's town. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, she has been  documenting a boy living in a temporary shelter with his family.


*A progressive neurological condition in which whole the body gradually becomes unable to move.


exhibition / group exhibition

2007 "BEP. ZIGOKU” PUNCTUM (Tokyo)

2009  "BEP. ZIGOKU" Platform 01 (beppu project / Oita)

2012-2016 “Sharing as Caring" Heidelberger Kunstverein (Heidelberg / Germany) 

2015 Beppu Contemporary Art Festival "Mixed bathing world" (beppu project / Oita)

2016 “Crossing fences like a cat" enoco (breaker project / Osaka) 

2018 "YUKEMURI"( KG+ /Gojyo climbing kiln /Kyoto)



1998 The 11・12th “Hitotsubo Award”  excellent  Prize 




別府市出身 京都市在住

同志社大学文学部 東京綜合写真専門学校卒業



京都では ダンススタジオ兼神経難病ALSの患者独居生活を構築する「ALS-D project」のドキュメンタリー記録を担当する。ダンサーと障がいがある人のワークショップなど、様々な身体の交感する場を撮影している。2016年大阪市西成区でのアーティストレジデンスに参加し、個展を開催。





2007年    個展「BEP. ZIGOKU」PUNCTUM(東京)

2009年    個展「BEP. ZIGOKU」Platform01(beppu project/大分)

2012-2016 年「Sharing as Caring 」Heidelberger Kunstverein( ハイデルベルク/ドイツ)

2015年    別府現代美術フェスティバル「混浴温泉世界」(beppu project/大分)

2016年    個展「ニシナリにfenceはないと猫は言う」 enoco(breaker project/大阪)2018年    「YUKEMURI」五条坂登窯(KG+/京都)



1998年    第11回、第12回写真「ひとつぼ展」入選

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